How To Do Big Business At Home!

You are at his home, he has conjured up a wonderful dinner for you and now you have a problem: you have to be number 2, now! In his toilet! Oh no! You can find out how to solve this situation absolutely Ladylike here.

Doing big business on your date is unfortunately not an easy story. Especially not if the apartment is noisy or he has to go to the bathroom afterwards. With these little tricks you cleverly cover up the fact that you had an intestinal alarm in his bathroom.

1. Find the right time

If you notice that it is time for a toilet appointment, then you must wait for the right moment! For example, if your date needs to get something small from the supermarket or if it is currently immersed in a video game (by the way, you can take all the time in the world). Also make sure that he was already on the toilet! So there is less danger that he has to go to the bathroom after your toilet problem.

2. Try to do big business in silence

If you have to do big business with him, the risk is very high that he could hear something. In particular, he shouldn’t hear “the splash”. It is best to build a small safety net out of toilet paper. But not so much, please, that you could clog his toilet. Thanks to the toilet paper, your business ends up without any loud noises!

3. The toilet joker

The best excuse for a situation is very clear: “Can I borrow your shower?” You can simply run the shower while you are doing your business. He will surely have no idea and may even suspect that you will shower in bed later for the activity!
Of course, you can really take a shower after your business too, which has the advantage that they are clean afterwards and unpleasant smells are masked by shower gel and shampoo odors.

4. So you can cover up the smell

You did it! You did big business at his home! Now only the question remains: what do you do with the smell? If he has a window, you can of course ventilate. Otherwise, only a candle or a fragrance spray helps! Another option could be to rinse regularly during your stool appointment.

5. Incredibly honesty

However, if you want to make it incredibly easy for yourself, just go to the toilet unabashedly, come back and warn him with a grin “I wouldn’t go in there in the next 10 minutes”. One advantage of this method: You are incredibly confident and his reaction to this sentence says a lot about him.
If he reacts coolly, you know that you can also talk to him about menstrual problems.

If he responds in shock, you know: This man has never dealt with the most obvious events of the female body! Does he know that we don’t have sex once a month for a week because we bleed like crazy ?!